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Vehicle Tracking System

Nowadays, more parking lots are built to meet the increasing parking needs. However, during rush hours, drivers often have trouble finding a vacant stall. Also ,after returning from vacation, shopping, or other activities, their experience often becomes a nightmare while trying to find their car. KEYTOP vehicle tracking system was developed with the goal of solving this two issues, as well as to become the best tool available for the parking management. When drivers enter the parking lot, LED Guidance Displays will guide them to the nearest available parking stall, occupancy will be monitored and accounted by using Video Sensors with built-in LED indicators. Equipped with License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology, drivers will be able to locate their vehicles within the parking garage by imputing their license plate number on the “Find Your Car” Kiosk, once vehicle is confirmed, the system will automatically provide information regarding their visit, and the shortest route to the vehicle’s location.

System Components