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Our Projects

DoubleTree Greenway Plaza

KEYTOP USA installed their PGS system at the DoubleTree Hotel located in Houston, TX. The garage’s 180 parking spaces are now covered by 64 PGS cameras including 15 6-1 cameras. Each one of these units covers 6 parking spaces a piece. The hotel’s entry and exit systems also has been updated with our LPR technology. This system helps improve billing, blacklisting or whitelisting vehicles, identifying problematic vehicles and more while the PGS guides drivers to the nearest spot available.

Courtyard by Marriot

KEYTOP USA installed their PARCS system in a 4-level parking garage located next to the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Waterbury, CT. The system was installed to help improve the management experience for users such as: hotel guests, employees, event attendees and other businesses employees from the surrounding areas. The system utilizes LPR technology with the entry ticket dispenser, giving the hotel the ability to create profiles for their different users and grant special access rights.

Changi Airport

Changi is Singapore’s main airport and one of the busiest in Asia. Changi has received numerous awards and has been named the world’s best airport nine times, most recently in 2018. KEYTOP renovated the Changi Airport parking facility through the installation of parking guidance system for its over 3800 lots. These improvements enhanced the usage rate for the airport parking spaces, reduced traffic, and improved user satisfaction for airport visitors.


Krakow is Poland’s most popular tourist destination and the Krakow International Airport has become one of the busiest airports in the country. More than 5 million passengers traveled through the airport in 2017. KEYTOP installed its Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System in the airport’s 1,160 parking spaces. The PGS system reduced overcrowding of the parking garages, which improved the turnover rate and improved the efficiency problems of the airport.

Other Projects

Hilton Shreveport, USA
Naha Government, Japan
King Fahad Medical City, Saudi Arabia
KK Times Square, Malaysia
City Mall Alajuela, Costa Rica
Vialand Turkey
Parkway Parade, Singapore
Hospital Moinhos Devento, Brazil
Irbid Mall, Jordan