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Video Parking Guidance System

KEYTOP’s Video Parking Guidance System (VPGS) uses a camera sensor to check occupancy and an LED light to display the availability of each parking space with an accuracy rate of 99%. The camera sensor LED light can be individually selected at any time to change the color to any within the RGB chart. This is typically used to differentiate the type of parking stalls such as vacant, occupied, handicap and reserved.

The system is easily scalable for expansions and customizable to add different features and configurations. The VPGS integrates seamlessly with parking access and revenue control system (PARCS) for a better visitor experience.

The system combines 3 features in 1:

1. Parking guidance system: The VPGS guides drivers through the parking facility to find the nearest open parking space.

2. CCTV: The video sensors acts as a closed-circuit security system for real-time monitoring of the parking garage or to play recorded videos for security purposes. The 24/7 monitoring creates a safer experience for parkers.

3. Vehicle locator: The ‘Find your car!’ kiosks helps drivers locate their vehicle inside the parking garage. Parkers can search for their car by inputting their partial or full license plate credentials, time of arrival or parking number.
To learn more about the “Find your car kiosk!”, please contact KEYTOP USA.

KEYTOP also offers a variety of cameras to monitor up to 6 spaces:

System Features
  • 3 systems in 1
  • Full HD resolution
  • A camera can monitor 1, 2, 3 or up to 6 parking spaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Numerous LED light color options
  • High luminosity LED indicator
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centers
  • Sports and events arenas
  • Governmental facilities
System components
Owl Image Dual camera
Owl Image Digit processor
Owl Image Outdoor LED Sign
Owl Image VPGS camera